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Corporate Offsite Getaway

Welcome to Jakama Lodge, the perfect destination for your next corporate offsite getaway. Nestled in a serene and tranquil environment, Jakama Lodge offers an ideal setting for corporate meetings. Here, you'll find everything you need to make your corporate retreat productive and relaxing.

Our Facilities

Meeting Rooms:

Fully equipped with modern amenities, accommodating up to 10 attendees, and high-speed internet to facilitate productive meetings.


Bespoke catering focused on health and farm-fresh options, offering a variety of nutritious meals and snacks.

Breakout Rooms:

Versatile spaces for small group activities and discussions.


Comfortable and serene rooms designed for rest and relaxation, accommodating up to 8 people.


High-speed internet to keep you connected.

Recreational Areas:

Relax and unwind in our beautifully landscaped outdoor areas.

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Tranquil and Relaxing Environment

Escape the hustle and bustle of the city and immerse yourself in the peaceful lakeside surroundings of Jakama Lodge at Karapiro. Our lodge offers a quiet and serene atmosphere, perfect for relaxation and focus.

Bespoke Catering

Indulge in our bespoke catering services focused on health and farm-fresh options. Our catering is designed to provide nutritious and delicious meals that support your well-being and dietary needs.

Comfortable Accommodations for up to 8 People?

Stay with us and enjoy our comfortable and well-appointed accommodations. Whether you're here for a day or an extended stay, our rooms provide the perfect retreat after a productive day. We can comfortably accommodate up to 8 people, ensuring everyone has a relaxing and restful experience.

High-Speed Internet

Stay connected with our reliable high-speed internet. Whether you're conducting virtual meetings, accessing important documents, or simply staying in touch, our internet service ensures seamless connectivity.

Breakout Rooms

Enhance your meetings with our versatile breakout rooms. These spaces are perfect for smaller group discussions, brainstorming sessions, or a quiet space to work independently.

Meeting Room

Our meeting room includes modern amenities and can easily accommodate up to 10 attendees. With high-speed internet and a comfortable setup, it's perfect for productive corporate meetings.